Working Safely During Covid 19

What we are doing to keep you safe during your removal

Safety for all is paramount: we are looking at best practices. Wearing full PPE during house moving would be an impossibility. During our trials we have managed to create safe practices to ensure safety, although there are still risks associated to moving during these times. Booking your move with DSD you will have peace of mind we are doing our very best.

  • Before our staff arrive with you the vehicle inside will be wiped down with anti bacterial solution.
  • On arrival our staff will brief you outside the property on procedures during the moving process.
  • On entering your property we will wipe down door handles, hand rails and all areas where we will need to touch. It is not possible to wipe furniture as this may damage some items.

Social distancing within your home brings challenges as we rely on regular instructions on what is to be moved or items to stay. When we are unable to work within social distance measures we will use face masks. We advise that items not to be moved are labeled “Stay”

People within the house during the move: kept to an absolute minimum and people at risk not to be present including children and the elderly. Communication is best done outside the property where possible keeping in different parts of the house or at least different rooms.

On handling furniture our crews will wear gloves also face masks when social distancing is not possible. Usually when carrying heavy items needing a two person lift.

During the day the crew will regularly wash hands and use sanitiser when needed.

Once the move is completed the crew will wipe down items: door handles and hand rails.

Payment is recommended via online banking, not cash.  Our invoice is paperless

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